Enjoy Outdoor Space All Year

Just because it is winter, doesn't mean you can't enjoy some outside time.

Your time might be limited while outside because it is chilly, but you can still spend a bit of time outside.

If you don't have a built in fire pit on your back patio, you can get various versions of portable fire pits to sit around and enjoy. There are propane, wood burning and wood pellet portable style fire pits.

One advantage of the propane style is as soon as your are ready to go inside, because you have gotten a little to cold to stay out, is you can turn it off and be done. No waiting for coals to cool down or dousing it with water only to end up with a frozen mess later.

Having a portable fire pit also allows you to try it in different parts of your yard. Maybe still deciding where to put in a permanent style fire pit, try different location with a portable one. Different spots in the different times of year might also play a role in where you finally decide to set up your permanent pit.

Get out and enjoy! Most of all have fun and invite over some friends or family!